Antenna Software

Fully featured, unlimited number of wire segments for large and very large structures.

Fully featured, up to 3000 wire segments for medium sized and relatively large structures.

AN-SOF Professional

AN-SOF Basic

Fully featured, up to 1000 wire segments for small and medium sized structures.

AN-SOF Classic

AN-SOF is a comprehensive software tool for the modeling and simulation of antenna systems and general radiating structures. It can be used

- to learn more about antennas
- to get insight into the behavior of a particular antenna
- to design better antennas
- to predict antenna performance
- to tune for performance
- to try several possibilities before building the real model

Software Products

Visualization Tools

AN-3D Pattern

A 3D view of radiation and scattering patterns can easly be handled with this graphical tool, including colored surfaces and bar scale, zoom and rotation functions.


The widely used polar diagram for the representation of electromagnetic fields versus azimuth and zenith angles.


The famous Smith chart for the representation of impedances and admittances is implemented with mouse support for obtaining reflection coefficients and VSWR with only one click.