Since 2000, Golden Engineering has been working on the field of electromagnetic simulation from very low to very high frequencies, especially on the modeling of antenna systems and scatterers. 

The need of having available an integrated simulation tool for solving problems in an extremelly wide frequency range has led us to the development of AN-SOF, an innovative software tool for the modeling and simulation of antenna systems and general radiating structures.

Several features of AN-SOF have been added and improved with time, such as conformal geometry, 3D graphical user interfaces and CAD (Computer Aided Design) tools for the input data, while xy-charts, polar plots, 3D radiation patterns, and Smith charts for the output data.

Transmitting and receiving antennas can be designed and several antenna parameters can be obtained as a function of frequency: input impedance, standing wave ratio (SWR), efficiency, radiated and consumed powers, gain, directivity, beamwidth, front-to-back ratio, radar cross section (RCS), polarized field components, etc.

The radiation and scattering properties of a structure can be represented in fully angle-resolved 3D patterns. Colored mesh and surface for the clear visualization of radiation lobes are available as well as the traditional polar graphs. Other remarkable features include near-fields in 2D and 3D colored plots, current distributions, reflection coefficients in Smith charts, tapered and insulated wires, large and short antennas over real ground and transmission line modeling. Simulations of curved wire antennas, like helices, spirals and loops can be efficiently performed by means of the Conformal Method of Moments (CMoM), which has been exclusively implemented in AN-SOF.

These all-integrated graphical tools and features have converted AN-SOF into a comprehensive program system for the analysis and design of microwave, wireless, and telecommunication devices.

AN-SOF AN-SOF is a Golden Engineering product.

AN-XY Chart  AN-Smith  AN-3D Pattern  AN-Polar